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Who is responsible ?

How the problem of load shedding spiralled out of hands The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is naturally apprehensive about the adverse impact of the unprecedented load-shedding during its tenure on its electoral fortunes in the coming elections. In frustration, it is making desperate efforts to mislead the nation through expensive full page advertisements that “if the PML-N government had not stopped 24,000 MW of power projects in 1997, there would be no load shedding today.”

About Khawaja Ahmad Hassan

Khawaja Ahmad Hassan was born on 28th October 1959 in Lahore to Khawaja Amanullah, a dedicated and renowned figure in the corporate-organizational sector in Pakistan. His grandfather Khawaja Obaidullah was a genuine patriot, who endorsed and contributed towards the philosophy of Pakistan, and was also engaged in drafting the country’s First Budget. Khawaja Hassan embarked on his political career in1988 when he joined the Pakistan Muslim League and has been devoted to the party ever since. He is a distinguished party member and has held several prominent positions within the party. In the 1997 general elections, he played a valuable role as a campaign incharge and later on served as political secretary to the Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. A glimpse of his potential, competence and earnestness was reflected through his performance in the substantial transformation of Lahore after he was unanimously elected as Lord Mayor. During the despotism era, he was appointed as President PML-N Lahore and also held office for Vice President PML-N Punjab once. The immense extol that he received while serving as Town Nazim for Data Gunj Buksh town convinced him to advance with utmost vigour. Though he was jailed for six months after General Musharraf occupied power, in Kot Lukhput and later in Bahawalpur Jail, but his struggle and fervour for a democratic Pakistan grew stronger with rising impediment. ”

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